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A royal Catholic?

Seems that now the royal family can marry Catholics……. thus a Catholic could lead of the Church of England? What are all the Englishmen gonna do about their love of devoice (Henry VIII would surly chop of someones head over this issue…….. oh that right he did!) or there love of prophylactics.
Are we seeing the end of civilized English society? or have the English finally pulled their pompous heads out of their collective asses? Ether way seems like we are one step closer to the end of the world.


My home computer has been down and work has been heavy so this whole being loyal to a blog thing has gotten derailed. but I’m back with a new idea. more of a new feature. My office is full of clowns. one in particular is just brimming with useful (and by useful I mean useless) information. I will share his knowledge with you as he shares it with me. we’ll call this “Deep Fried 101” The name will make more since when you see the first post.